e x h i b i t i o n

Dreaming Brain was exhibited as an installation piece in an exhibition entitled 'DREAMS 1900-2000: Science, Art, and the Unconsious Mind'.

Exhibition Thesis
"Dreams have evolved into a central subject matter of twentieth-century art because dreams have come to be understood in modern secular society as keys to unlock the psyche. The broader cultural context for this artistic phenomenon includes the leading role assigned to dreams by twentieth-century psychologists, and, more generally, scientists studying the human mind and brain. The close of the twentieth century is an appropriate time to reflect on the modern search for the psyche, by critically examining the shifing roles of dreams in twentieth-century art and psychology."
- Lynn Gamwell, Curator.



November 4, 1999

- February 19, 2000

Artistic Context
Dreaming Brain was the sole interactive piece in the exhibition. The show included works by Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Rene Magritte, Paul Klee, Francesco Clemente, John Baldesari, Arnulf Rainer, Jim Dine, Eric Fischl and Jasper Johns, along with many other living and contemporary artists.

Selected films included 'Spellbound' by Hitchcock, 'Wild Strawberries' by Bergmann, and 'Dreams' by Kurosawa.

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